On 15th of May we, EVS volunteers from Casa da Juventude, were invited to participate in the Feira dos Burros. At first, we had no idea what we were suppose to do there, but then we found out, that our role was to animate the visitors, especially kids.

And the better way to do it is to bring circus to the event! It is not a joke — believe it or not, some of our volunteers actually know how to juggle and they are showing their skills every Wednesday, around 18:00, in CJ at a Circus workshop. 

We spent the day at the fair and we really enjoyed in everything. Kids took part in the games we prepared and all people really seemed to like the mural that our volunteer Zsolt painted (with some support from other volunteers) during the whole week on the biggest wall ever seen.

Our biggest concern (as usual, lately) was the weather — What, if it rains? — but in the end we realised we worried for nothing. It was sunny all day long and in the end, even if it would rain, it wouldn’t really matter, because we would still have plenty of fun in either weather condition. 

Article by Kaja Fakin
Evs Volunteer in Amarante

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