Youth in Africa

Aventura Marão Clube applied to a Capacity Building project in the field of Youth entitled “YOUTH IN AFRICA: sharing visions, improving realities!”.

If approved we will work together with 4 partners from European Union countries and 3 partners from AfricaRomania (Asociatia de Tineri din Ardeal), France (Eurocircle), Italy (Equo Garantito), Greece (Fair Trade Hellas), Cape Verde (Associação Amigos do Calhau), Benin (ONG Mi nangam) and Ghana (Young People We Care). 

The project begins in November 2017 and ends in July 2019. During those 21 months YOUTH IN AFRICA project will involve directly 92 participants (EVS volunteers, Youth workers and youngsters), 31 of them with fewer opportunities. Indirectly YOUTH IN AFRICA intends to reach at least 2 0.000 people (mainly youngsters, students, youth workers and educators, media and policy makers) using each partner’s target groups, contacts and networks.

Among the main objectives are fostering the cooperation of EU-Africa in the youth field; empowering youth workers and associations; promoting volunteering, active citizenship and intercultural solidarity; deepening the knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship, project management and non-formal education of everybody involved.

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